Saturday, December 15, 2012 1 Year by end of 2012

Finlay today Dec15th.2012 year end for our successful project ~ 
It was held at 
 Sapperton Hall
318 Kear st 
New Westminster,BC
Today market  we have Multicultural among women whom had small business today from: -
 (Filipino women,Russian,Sudanese,Somali, Rwanda, Afghanistan,  Ethiopian ,Iraqi ,Indian ,Fiji) 

 Rasia crafts
 Arabic & Islamic crafts
 Afghan women lead Mary Kay
 4 Filipino women leader on Avon Business
  Ethiopian cloth & Crafts
 Rwandan women sell African crafts

 Indian Henna/ Arabic Henna
It was huge market ( Christmas crafts) we celebrate our successful story !!!
 Well done our women keep dream up you can be successful   business women , if you do it right ! keep it up........

Well done our women in business lead today 
We wish you Marry Christmas

Sapperton Hall,Edmond community school,Burnaby school District,City of New Westminster ,Burnaby City, Burnaby Now ,News Leader ,Our politician MP Mr.Peter Julain, MLA Mr.Rj, MLA  Kathy Carrigon , our active amazing volunteer  and individual donors with out your support contributions and encouragement  and help.
Without your support  will never been able to  fished one year of  successful project.

With your support we are  able and empower more than 100 immigrant women in Business lead .
We Hope in 2013 Will get Full Sponsor for this great project then will be able to contentious help more immigrant women ....

Any Donation will help us to make hug different , In-kind will be great  Even Space will be great.
 As with all this activities, BWA did have location and full fund ....For more info contact us by:-
                                    Email: bweo2011@
We hope 2013 will bring to all of you  more success and and joey and happiness...... 

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