Friday, February 10, 2012

Successful Events

Prophet Mohamed Birthday
(Almawlid  Anbawi  Asharif)
المولد النبوي الشريف

I t was very successful Event we did it on Feb7th .2012 more than 65 People over there Muslim Feel happy to shier their culture with the rest of People among Edmond Community School .

We Organized with Muslim Parents who help and preparing food  &  workshop.

Every body have fun and the message was deliver very successfully and build good connection between new comer and Canadian society and Muslim Fell not left behind among the Canadian Holiday my shier their culture and those type of importance days  ........


 Part of the group who agree to take picture
  Part of the group who agree to take picture
 الكل فرح وكان بالحق يوم رائع
 العديد من المأكولات والحلويات الشرقيه  والفواكه
 The Winner Of the Main Prize 
Muslim In Saudi Make Khotba about the Prophet Mohamed
 Muslin in UK Celebrate The Prophet Mohamed Birthday (Mawlid)

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