Friday, February 3, 2012

Open invitation

Prophet Mohamed Birthday 
(Amawlid Anbawi)
Organized by Bitmakaly Organization & Muslim 
Parent at Edmond Community School
We would like to invite every one at Edmond School who
would like to know more about Muslim special days

دعوة لحضور محاضره تعريفية عن  اهمية احتفال
المسلمون بذكري مولد النبي محمد (ص)
Feb 7th 2012
Edmond Community School 
7651  18th Ave 
Community Room
From 12pm -   2: 30pm
  Part of connecting with Canadian community,
Muslim parent would like to sharing their Culture 
by celebrate:- 
Prophet Mohamed Birthday (Amawlid Anbawi)
Who is prophet Mohamed?
What is prophet Mohamed mean to Muslim?
When he was born and where? Why Muslim celebrate prophet birth?
How Muslim they celebrated, in different Muslim
culture & countries
Some of the out line:-
  • *    More Prayer الاكثر من الصلوات وشكر الله لابتعاث خاتم الانبياء
  • *    Special Songsاغناني واهاديج اسلاميه
  • *    Provide food for needy as well money (Sadgat )الاكثار من الصدقات
  • *    Omrah to visit his graveعمره لزيارة قبر النبي (ص)

ولد الهدي فالكائنات ضياء*** وفم الزمان تبسم وثناء

Come and join us and know Muslim special 
days in your community
Food and Hot & cold drink will be provided
توجد العديد من المأكولات العربيه والاسلاميه  والمشروبات (البارده والساخنة )
شاركونا في يومنا الخاص

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